Project Description

In September 2020 La Vin Group started working on the establishment of a cold storage facility that aims to provide cold storage services supporting the F&B wholesale business of the group as well as for interested third parties.

We operate our own warehousing facility in Tsuen Wan (N.T), conveniently located at the intersection of all the main highways of Hong Kong and in the proximity of the sea cargo terminal. From there it only takes 30 minutes to access to main commercial districts from the warehouse, greatly reduces transportation time. The cold storage facility currently (at October 2020) under construction will include Deep-Frozen Storage (-25°C), Frozen (-18°C), Chilled (0-4°C) and Air Conditioned Storage (17°C – 22°C).

The warehouse will incorporates high standard refrigeration systems, consisting a total of about 12 compression refrigerators in total. Each plant requires separate refrigeration circuits. A highly credited refrigerant R404A will be is used for liquid cooling.

At completion the facility will be certified and licensed according to the current Hong Kong Food and Hygene Department regulation and will operate in coordination with only certified cold chain delivery service providers so to guarantee Enterprise Cold Chain Delivery, D2R Cold Chain Delivery and Door-to-door Cold Chain Delivery.

If you are interested in our service or simply you would like to know more about our business just get in touch! We are always happy to meet smart people and explore new opportunities!

REMARK: formal notice will be issued when the facility will be fully operational and license details will be made available on this website