Project Description

La Vin Group is probably one of the largest artisanal mediterranean food and beverage distributor in Asia Pacific. Our team has been operating in wholesale food distribution business from well before the formal establishment of La Vin Group. As a F&B wholesaler supply an abundance of products to restaurants, hotels, colleges and other catering establishments in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan and Japan (mainly).

We decided to focus almost exclusively on artisanal mediterranean product for two main reasons: at first because dealing with such a kind of products we have the certainty to supply our clients with healthy food of assured origin, safety and quality. Second, working with SME that most of the time has no capabilities to approach foreign markets allow us to support local companies (most of the time family owned) and to consistently reduce the length and complexity of the supply chain. In such a way we deliver value to the consumer allowing them to save money while providing higher quality through a much more direct relationship between who produces or harvest and who eat or drinks.

Consumer demands for lower prices, faster service, and higher quality products are increasing, and having the right products in stock at the right time is crucial. All of these combine to create a business environment where margins are tight, expectations for service are high, and errors are unacceptable. We at La Vin embraced the challenge so to meet consumer needs and drive higher profits by adding values to the distribution process.

If you are interested in our service or simply you would like to know more about our business just get in touch! We are always happy to meet smart people and explore new opportunities!