Our strategy is focused on speed, innovation and digitalisation of the supply chain and business development whilst putting purpose at the core of what we do.

We convene the global supply chain creating customised, end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions for brands and retailers. We treasured the over 20 years of repeated deep structural crisis and changes that gifted us with our high degree of flexibility and scalability which is unrivalled in our industry.

Our offices and teams are based in all key production markets, giving us the expertise and extensive network of supply chain partners needed to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

Since the beginning La Vin Group has been operating as global origin-integrated commodity merchant operating in 35 major producing countries, focused primarily on coffee, nuts and dry fruits.

Our uniquely origin-integrated supply chain is focused on buying from producers at origin, providing primary processing, logistics and risk management services and selling to the branded product manufacturers. Origin-integration allows the company to act as the sole intermediary and integrated supplier, partnering stakeholders throughout the sustainable supply chain.

From local farmers to primary processors and manufacturers we constantly care and secure the improvement of health, education and environmental conditions of the local source communities, ensuring sustainable development for the generations to come.

From healthy soil to better products on the shelf, from farmers’ incomes to fair labor practices, we bring positive change to everyone lives.

Cross-border product design, product development, compliance, raw material and factory sourcing & qualification, manufacturing control, logistics, private label, B2C & B2B solutions, relationship integration and optimisations, sales, wholesales and distribution.

Nowadays we offer a massive set of end-to-end services for all stakeholders in the consumer goods industry.

We generally operate discovering and promoting small/medium size producers capable to offer top quality but unable to approach foreign market independently. We do this trying to simplify the chain of intermediaries and reduce to the minimum the distribution layers in between producer and and uses.

To achieve and guarantee best prices, best products and best service to end users we invested on a proprietary storage facilities and we heavily rely on B2C  and B2B solutions.

La Vin Group value lies in our global resources, global expertise and global network that touch any aspects the distribution chain for consumer goods: sourcing, logistics, distribution and retail.

While maintaining our core sourcing services, we have moved beyond the traditional intermediaries role and we developed an effective business ecosystem connecting all our partners as never before. By providing a comprehensive set of solutions, we are creating a new framework of business development and delivering on our promise of speed, innovation and profitability.

Millions of goods pass through our chain every year; we connect thousands of suppliers with leading brands and retailers, all with the goal of meeting final consumer demand. With unparalleled convening power, we create customised, end-to-end global distribution services and solutions.

Do not hesitate, partner with us, there are unpredictable opportunities you have never thought about.

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Facing Purchase Orders Contraction?

Have you consider to apply a consistent strategy to sustain your company exportations? What about stop waiting for orders to come and start proceeding proactively, applying effective strategies to look for opportunities and attract corporations

Experiencing Profit Margin Reduction?

Step 1: optimise your supplies to buy better (not only cheaper!!!). You probably need to go through your regular suppliers list with a modern approach and for sure it is time to look at new sources, new sourcing markets, new partnerships

Facing “Sort-Of” Liquidity Challenges?

Aggregation rate within SMEs is still very low almost everywhere but we all faced that small is neither pretty nor good. It may take some compromises but partnering with the right stakeholders will shoot a firm to a very different dimension

Streams To Bring Your Business To Excellence

Speed is the first thing our customers demand from us to stay competitive. To help them succeed, we are focused on strategic investments to leverage new technologies, optimise processes and connect-the-dots of our supply chain. Speed is all about better serving our global stakeholders

To practice Innovation at today’s speed-oriented pace requires openness and humility. We practice open innovation every day, looking inside and out, to find new ideas and collaborating with partners who have the capabilities, knowledge and platforms to support our growth extensively and continuously

Digitalisation is all about creating the future of end-to-end digital supply chains. It means transforming all elements of the supply chain and analysing the data to provide valuable insights and creating an ecosystem that makes us unique for our customers, their clients and their stakeholders

Sustainability is integral to our business process. Our business is therefore an expression of the social nature of the human person, who needs relationships with other people to satisfy his/her material and spiritual needs, ultimately, to know oneself and thus reach fulfilment as a person

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