Project Description

Project Brief

Eathic.HK sells mediterranean diet products teaching how to prepare them in simple, effective and time efficient way.

Essentially, Eathic.HK is aimed to people who want to learn and follow a Mediterranean diet. This means eating and cooking in the way that the people in the Mediterranean region traditionally ate. We emphasise the “cooking” or “preparing” since, the main issue nowadays is the way people cook (or do not actually cook) which is making a mass of our bodies.

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More Details

Eathic.HK is a full-service specialised division of La Vin Group that covers the entire process of exporting Mediterranean Food & Beverage specialities. Mediterranean food producers are generally small and medium enterprises not able to take advantage of the opportunities in the international market due to structural and systemic barriers. With a management that combines experience in the local Hong Kong food market, in international trade, supply-chain and corporate operations, Eathic’s team aims to be the point of reference in the Mediterranean Food Service Distribution Market in Asia Pacific.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Initial Idea

We started from the simple idea of bringing to Hong Kong the products we were used to eat. Pretty quickly we realised how big was the interest of local people toward Mediterranean diet and how they were willing to know and build new healthy diet habits.

The Problem to Solve

Ironically the main issue to solve was not the supply od mediterranean diet products but the lack of knowledge in terms of Mediterranean food benefit and, above all, dishes preparation.

Finally Eathic.HK

Quickly a B2C and B2B web solution was sat up with the aim of making real mediterranean products (generally from small or medium size producers) available and delivered door to door. At the same time we aim to provide through blogpost, videos e and social-media live streams as much knowledge about med-dishes preparation and preservation.


Strong Brand

Eathic stands for “Eating Ethically”. Following a mediterranean diet brings every aspect of our life to reach a very high content of ethic. Your body will quickly feel better, lighter and more clean. The food you eat come all from small/medium size producers that loves what they do and their products, their land, their seasons. No more heavy sauces or strong addictions to your meals, everything will be fresh and genuine.

Excellent Result

as we are used to say at La Vin: results are not only a question of numbers that add up together. With Eathic in particular, where the real topic is the health of everyone we cannot avoid to consider and add up also the satisfaction received form our clients comments, or suggestions and little celebrations even if just for their first proper carbonara ever prepared.